Yarn along – Week 12 – did I say I didn’t like crocheting?

For this weeks Yarn along over at Ginny’s Small things I can show you two finished objects: The crocheted baby Baby-Blanket-and-Baby-Shoesblanket and some super cute baby shoes. Funny enough I found a pattern for exactly the baby blanket that I knitted on Ravelry. I hope little Vitus’ mum and dad will like it. Vitus himself will probably not mind at all as he’s only a week old. I just need to put labels on it. Did I tell you? I got myself my own labels. I had a voucher so I thought I might as well spend it on buying labels. They arrived on friday but I haven’t put one get. I will take a picture of the first items with labels for next weeks yarn along. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 39 – or what I’m knitting and reading at the moment

I actually wanted to show you some things I made so far this year but then I stumbled upon Ginny’s blog Small Things and her Yarn Along Post, asking other people what they are knitting and reading (check them out too, there are some cool things that other people are doing) this week so I thought I start with telling you what I’m doing this week and what I’m reading meanwhile.

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REVIEW: Lonely Planet Traveller

I’ve had my fifth issue  of the Lonely Planet Magazine now, so I feel confortable to tell you how the magazine, that I got as a gift from my parents, seems to be:

First of all, the magazine has been renamed during that time (since two issues it’s not called “Magazine” but “Traveller”) and has gotten a bit bigger in size. Pictures are  from the September & August Issue next to each other. Discussed content is from the September Issue. Continue reading

Inspirational material: Where to get ideas where to go to.

Somedays ago I got an eCard from my parents with a late birthday present. They gave me a subscription to the Lonely Planet Magazine. Now I’m really looking forward to receiving the first issue mid April to tell you more about the magazine and if it’s the inspiration for travel thatI expect it to be. But the magazine subscription made me also think about inspirational material in general. Continue reading