Where I’ve been: Queenstown and Arrowtown, New Zealand, 2007

This is part 4 of te New Zealand Special: After the two days ride and a night at a hostel in Wanaka (I can’t really remember which one but I can remember tView over New Zealandhat it had several unlinked buildings, one with a communal area, some with bedrooms and one with the bathrooms, making it freezing  to go for a morning shower with minus degrees outside) we started our way to Queenstown. We didn’t linger much in Wanaka which is supposed to be good starting point for walks and ski trips in winter because we neither had the time to do something like this and complete our trip in time nor did we have the money to do so. But it is an alpine region so even before we reached Queenstown we had great views. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Travelling New Zealand’s South Island, 2007

This is part 3 of the New Zealand Special: We started in Picton where we had left the ferry from Wellington and then drove south with Our rental car in New Zealandour rental car for about 500km to the small village of Franz Josef near Fox and Franz Josef Glacier. This took us the rest of the day and we merely made until closing time of the Youth Hostel we had booked from Wellington‘s tourist information.

In the 7 hours long drive we passed only five towns and not because the highway passed them by and you wouldn’t notice that there were towns nearby but just because there are just so few people Highway New Zealandin New Zealand. Personally I found that  somehow cool but also a bit disturbing. I think it has something to do with being used to densely populated Europe.

Driving in New Zealand is a pleasure Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Great Ocean Road, Australia, 2007

On the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, AustraliaNumber six of the 10-Days-Special on Australia is concerned with the Great Ocean Road. As Melbourne I have been there twice in 2007, once with the sports club and once with my Dad. I send you today’s post from my sofa as I’m at home with a nasty cold but you could say thinking about great landscape makes me feel better immediately. I tried to keep it short this time but there are just too many good pictures I wanted to show you. Continue reading