Where I’ve been: Day trips and outings from Geneva

When visiting my Dad in Geneva we did some outings on the weekends so I got to see a bit of the nearby France and Switzerland. So if you’ve visited Geneva’s city center and took a stroll along the lake and are now looking for something else to do, here are options for your trip. To give you a feeling of what you can do I tried to sort the different options by season:

Day trips in Spring:

Annecy city center

Snow has melted away and you can’t ski anymore but the weather is not so nice that you just want to enjoy the sun? Why not go on a trip to some of the interesting places around the lake and the alps? I really enjoyed our little trip to Annecy in the Alps in 2008 for example. Or you drive to little Yvoire, a medival village on the left side of the lake. Closer to home is Carouge, a Genevan neighbourhood with a distinctive mediterranian flair and a great farmers market.

If the weather is not that good yet, why not do a trip to broaden your horizont and learn about science. Famous CERN is just a short trip away. I’ve actually never been there but I think it would make a good trip.

Day trips in Summer:


Now obviously is the time to enjoy the lake: Just take the car and drive along the lake until you find a nie spot where you can park and then enjoy the lakeside. Often you have little beaches or boat rentals in small marinas. We, for example, stopped in Versoix and walked down to the marina and the Plage de Versoix. But there are lots and lots of places to enjoy the summer sun

Day trips in Fall:

View-on the-lake

The weather is still nice? Just perfect for a walk? Then I would suggest going for a little walk in the mountains. You could either go to the Jura Mountains, I think we did a trip to Lélex and then walked up the hill until we could see the lake Geneva again on the other side. Or on the left side of the lake you can drive to Salève. This area of the prealps is also called the “Balcony of Geneva”. Here you also have wonderful views on Geneva and the lake.

And if it’s raining, Geneva has several interesting museums. I really enjoyed a trip to the Red Cross Museum. Just be awared for this specially dark area in the basement were they show films and you can sit on very hard metallic benches or like me, walk into them because you didn’t see them. Not recommended, I can only say. My leg hurt for weeks…

Day trips in Winter:

Pists at the Grand Massif FranceThe weather is fine and there is plenty of snow: Go skiing. Either in the Jura mountains close by where you find a Funicular e.g. in Crozet. Or you drive into neighbouring France’s Alps. Here I can highly recommend the area around the Grand Massif.

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