Where I’ve been: Day trips and outings from Geneva

When visiting my Dad in Geneva we did some outings on the weekends so I got to see a bit of the nearby France and Switzerland. So if you’ve visited Geneva’s city center and took a stroll along the lake and are now looking for something else to do, here are options for your trip. To give you a feeling of what you can do I tried to sort the different options by season: Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Skiing at the Grand Massif, France, 2010

When my father was still living in Geneva, we went there for a long Pists at the Grand Massif Franceweekend in Winter to go skiing. As Geneva is perfectly situated for skiers, we stayed at my dad’s house and went on day trips on long weekends in 2009 and 2010.

If there is enough snow and you want a short trip, then you can head to the Jura mountains on Genevas back. But that is not a very big ski area and the mountains are not at all as high as the alps. But if you are looking for a real big ski area, then the huge ski area Grand Massif with its 256km of skiable pists in France at only 52km from Geneva is your pick. Continue reading

Winter on my balcony: finally cleaning up

Today I did something I should have done months ago: I cleaned up my balcony (not planting though, it is just too early in the year to opt for spring flowers outside yet). As it tends to happen with unused spaces we were starting to pile The Balcony Before 1empty bottles on it every now and then. What ever needed to go out of sight for a while, was not  sensitive to rain and found no other space in the flat which is with 65sqm not really that big, was stored at the balcony. And all the flowers were just not looked after. Many autumn plants had died already in the short cold period when we had snow in early December. Others like the chrysanthemums liked the unlikely warm weather (today we are at 9°C) and started blooming again. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Riederalp at Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland, 2011

Riederalp at the Aletsch Glacier is located in the sun-blessed southern Swiss canton of Valais/Wallis about 8km east of Brig.The first time I was in the area was in 1997 when my Look over Riederalp, Switzerlanduncle and aunt got married in Fiesch. That time we stayed down in the valley in Fiesch and to go skiing we went up to the Fiescheralp every day which actually was a bit of a hazzle. In 2000 and 2002 we went back to the area, this time staying on Bettmeralp. And in 2011 my parents invited my brother and me to join them for a skiing holiday again. This last time we stayed in a chalet on Riederalp just next to the pist. In the morning you could literally fall out of bed, onto your skis and onto the pist which gives you the longest skiing time possible. Continue reading