31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 14 – Flowers

WHAT IS IT? I dreated this challenge: too girly for me. And now, guess what, I love it! I went for Japanese Cherry blossoms in whitish pink and pale pink on a black knobbly branch on a classic pale red background.Japanese-cherry-blossom-mani-1WHAT IS USED? I used essie’s chubby cheeks as my main colour. I loved this pale red to death last spring and early summer but haven’t worn it as a complete mani ever since. It is quite red and red is not my favourite, maybe that is it. The mani is quite simple. Two layers of red nail polish, then I took my French nail pen in black and added the branch on my ring finger. Good thing is: cherry branches actually really are rather knobbly so never mind Japanese-cherry-blossom-mani-productsabout shaky hands. And than I dotted this branch with lots of whitish pink flowers (essie, fiji) and painted every other blossom in pale pink (essie, eternal optimist). For this I just used the normal brush as I wasn’t aiming for neat dots but rather uneven blossom like shapes. To complete the mani I added a few more blossoms on the other fingers just as if they had been blown of the branch.Japanese-cherry-blossom-mani-2HOW DOES IT FEEL? Great. I absolutely love it. It is cute but in a good way. I could definitively keep that mani on a little longer but unfortunately the challenge is calling and I need to get going to make sure I covered all the days in advance that I’ll be on vacation.

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