Yarn along – Week 33 – Less knitting more sewing

This week was more sewing than knitting yet I join Ginny’s Yarn along as I want to boast about my cute little skirts I made for Michael’s nieces…three-girl-skirtsWanting to have a belated birthday present for the girls (two birthdays in the last 7 days and then I can’t bring only two things when there are three girls…) when we see them tomorrow in Mallorca I decided to work with existing material and make simple skirts. They are old business shirts that Michael’s brother gave Michael and now that they were really getting thin around the cuffs and everything I sewed together the sides with the buttons and basically just made tubes. Then I added a small stripe of pink polka dots (this is something from my mum’s stash. The way it feels and looks it is from the time when this pattern was first the height of fashion). Then I added some rick rack my grandma gave me (that one is definitively old) and gave it a waistband made of jersey (it is the one I used last year the dress for a competition)and including an elastic strap. Finally made some flowers from some left over shirts pieces and added them as well as some ribbon on the sides to cover up my not so thought through sewing there and because it looks nice. And because I really love the result I added my little labels too. I hope they fit somehow as I didn’t have real sizes but they are adaptable on the waistband so I hope they do.detail-skirtsOther then that I crocheted another row on my blanket and added some more rows on my lace shawl and I’m sewing together Michael’s mum-made cardigan. Honestly I know now why it was never finished. Sewing in a zipper is a pain. I’m nearly halfway though and I hope it’ll look ok once it is done, not great but ok.

And now I’m off preparing for our one week vacation in Mallorca as the flight leaves tomorrow at 11am and I haven’t packed a thing yet and still need to hand over all my jobs at work to my colleagues. And if you want to see some more colours, check out my 31 Days Nail Challenge too.

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