31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 14 – Flowers

WHAT IS IT? I dreated this challenge: too girly for me. And now, guess what, I love it! I went for Japanese Cherry blossoms in whitish pink and pale pink on a black knobbly branch on a classic pale red background.Japanese-cherry-blossom-mani-1WHAT IS USED? I used essie’s chubby cheeks as my main colour. I loved this pale red to death last spring and early summer but Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 17 – New projects

This week is Knitting & Crochet Blog Week but I decided to leave today’s topic for tomorrow and rather join Ginny’s Yarn along. So make sure you check that out what colours I like (you actually get a good glimpse on it when you look at my projects at the moment) and what my stash looks like in Thursday’s post.

As predicted last week, I ditched the angora top and went for the top I Top-part-of-my-Geminireally wanted, the Gemini. I’m using a peachy coloured cotton/acrylic mix which knits up nicely. I was not too sure about the top down approach though. I was quite sure I did everything according to the pattern but the increase part during the lace section looked a bit messy compared to the part were you only knit stockinette stitch. So I decided to start new, fixing this. Now it looks far better. You can see the changes I made on my ravelry project page. Continue reading