All my nailpolishes 2014: There is a light green

As I said in my “2014 blog resolution” I want to use every nailpolish I own at least once this year. And I started this quest last week. My nail polishes are sorted by colour on my nail polish shelf so I simply started on the left side where the collection starts with light green. So last week was a green week:

  • the creamy green Manhattan polish with the red and blue sparkles combined with a dark teal (essie Go overboard)
  • toe nails in plain may green (isn’t that a lovely spring colour with such a positive vibe: essie Navigate her)
  • very classy half moon nails in a creamy grey green (OPI Stranger Tights) combined with a greyish brown (essie chinchilly)
  • And than I had to test my stamping plates, a gift that I had given myself for christmas and that arrived last week. I had read in different blogs about the new MoYou stamping plates and how great the were. I always had wanted to test stamping but never found plates that suited me as I’m not the small flowers, little butterfly type of person. But MoYou has super cool full nail designs. And shipping from London was not so expensive and so I got the Pro No.03, Suki No.4 and a Christmas plate and last week I tested them with essies Good as gold as the stamping polish (works pretty well) over an army green from Catrice. I think even though not all nails are perfect I definitively got the hang of it. What do you think?

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