All my nailpolishes 2014: There is a light green

As I said in my “2014 blog resolution” I want to use every nailpolish I own at least once this year. And I started this quest last week. My nail polishes are sorted by colour on my nail polish shelf so I simply started on the left side where the collection starts with light green. So last week was a green week: Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 16 – Tribal

WHAT IS IT? Tribal nails in brown and green or how I like to call them: Epic Fail! I did some swatches on paper to determine good colour combination and easy patterns. Some were no good as I wanted something that I could paint with my left hand as well. First I painted the nails on my left hand (photo on the right). Fail! I painted them a second time and when I still didn’t like it I tried a third design on my right hand. And it still sucks…Tribal-nail-art-failWHAT IS USED? The colour combination is not bad.
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