Yarn along 2 – A quick peak

Today only a quick peak at what I’m doing because things have grown a little but nothing new here yet: The sweater is now ready to be divided for the sleeves and I even knit ten rows of the first cuff too. The Stockholm cowl is four times its size of last week but far from finished and there wasn’t even a hat last week. After not finding a pattern we both liked I made something up. It is using up the left over yarn snippets I had from Michael’s boneyard shawl in green, beige and medium brown and should go well with the shawl. I’m ready to do the decreases now and think it will be a very cool hat.Yarn-along-2-2014And then I went yarn shopping again. I know three project in work plus I think four hibernating projects should be enough, but I’ll finish at least one at the weekend so I thought I follow Ginny and add a bit of mystery to my life as well and join the Follow your arrow Mystery KAL. Lets see what I’ll get out of it. I’m a bit worried the finished object will not be to my liking but then this lovely salmon coloured Merino yarn was a real bargain, only 1,50€ per skein plus the pattern this means that I’ll only have spend 12€ on the project and had fun knitting it. As for reading I started another Christmas gift book: Deutschboden by Moritz von Uslar. It is a book about a reporter going to Eastern Germany to live in a little town for some month to experience what life is like there. Very interesting and super funny so far.

Joining Ginny’s yarn along as usual. What about you?


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