Yarn along – Week 41

Yesterday was a busy day but I thought I can do my Yarn along post a little late too. So to join all the knitting ladies out there sharing their work at Ginny’s Yarn Along, here is what I’ve been knitting and reading this week:Cardigan-no-2I continued knitting on my second Phoebe’s sweater. After a size 2 this time size 4 and in red. For the body part I have only the second front left over and then I can go on to the sleeves and the hood. It doesn’t knit up as quick as the small one but still especially the upper part goes real quick. I want to finish it in October so I have November for the biggest size and have a stressfree December.mitt-and sockAnd then I realised that my only pair of simple thin knitted socks was torn beyond repair. So what did I do? Even though I have already a side project with the How We Roll Mitts, I started a pair of simple socks with a sock yarn from my stash and already turned the heel on one of the socks. Well this meant that the mitts fell a bit behind but I did finish one already. Unfortunately I realized after binding off that they are actually a bit to loose for my liking around the fingers. Now I wonder: do I rip back and make them tighter and if so, how much do I rip back? Or do I knit the second one like the first and put them into the charity box because now I’ve seen the first one on myself I don’t think they feel like me that much anyhow (I’m not saying they don’t look super cool, just not like me, you know)?My-book-this-weekI’m reading a new book called “Die verlorene Schwester” (Little Sister) by Carol Birch. I borrowed it from my parents and it might even belong to my Grandma and if so I guess the person who gave it to her didn’t know what they were giving and mistook it, like me, for a romantic, rather cheesy family story which it absolutely is not. I like it when books suprise me like that because the story is a story about rivalling sisters mixed with depression, drug abuse, AIDS and tragedy that I haven’t understood fully as far as I have read now. Sounds depressing but it is not. It is a really good book about a not so perfect life.

What are you knitting and reading?


6 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 41

  1. Just finished a cardigan, have to finish a sock and shawl that’s been on the needles way to long. Unfortunately I haven’t been doing much reading here lately. Need to remedy that. Love the colors of the socks. Looking forward to seeing the finished hoodie.

  2. Definitely sounds like a good candidate for the charity box. I’m working on a pair of cabled socks that I may have rip back, because the cables are making the gauge tighter than I thought it would be. And I’m re-reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, because I couldn’t remember how it ended 🙂

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