Army glitter nails

I bought about one nailpolish  per week in the last months… and I should definitively stop. I store them on two shelfs and don’t have space for more and even if I decide to give some away it’s still too much. That said I bought a new one on Wednesday. It is from the new Limited Edition by essence called Metal Glam and is a gold topper. Now I do have a golden glitter top coat but this one looks like gold foil in clear polish. And it was only about 2€… Army-green-glitter-nailsI had to try it out straight away and prolonged my lunch break a little by taking one of the nail polish samples from essie, that we have standing around in the office, as a colour base and topped it of with the “steel-ing the scene”. The colour polish is power clutch, a green grey that won’t make its way into my collection because I don’t fancy the colour too much and have a similar colour anyway. But the mani was perfect for that night as we went out and I have a top in the same grey green with glittery applications. Army-green-glitter-2

Unfortunately, maybe because I didn’t wear a base coat, maybe for some other reason, the whole thing started peeling off two days later.  The good thing about it was I could really peel the polish off in one big or a maximum of three pieces per nail because taking off that amount of glitter would have been super time consuming.

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