Die Toten Hosen – live in Düsseldorf

On friday night I went to part one of the tour final one of my all-time favourite bands, Die Toten Hosen. It was an absolute great concert. Pictures are mainly not mine and link to the respective pages, where I took them from, because my mobile was not the best choice for pictures.Thomas-Kruesselmann-gesehen-auf-www.dietotenhosen.deI went with my friend Tine who had been with me on our first concert in 1998 too and for the first time I wore a fan t-shirt. My friends got me one after our first concert and I downsized it from men’s XXL to women’s M now, 15 years later. We had as much fun as this picture is blurry: loads! We both remember how we felt for this band and this music and that it still excites us the same way. Singing, screaming and dancing to that special punk rhythm (although “punk” gives you the wrong image if you don’t know the band), we just had so much fun!Tine-and-me-at-the-concertThe last time I went to a Toten Hosen concerts was in 2005 and to be honest I haven’t really followed their recent songs. And imagine this band started in 1982, so they are older then I am. The first album I listend too was their first best off album from 1994. Campino, the lead singer, turned 51 this year which is hardly imageable. He is rocking the stage as usual, maybe he gets even more charismatic and full of energy with every gig. They played a lot of old stuff, songs I had completely forgotten but I was singing along loudly before I even noticed which song it was – as were basically all the other people. Can you imagine so many people singing, screaming along? It is an amazing sound. And funny enough, the more people sing, the better it sounds. I think the more people sing (falsely) the more the sound can level itself: many people singing to high and many to low sounds in the end as if they are all in tune.esprit_arena_dmtThe concert took place in the Esprit Arena here in Dusseldorf, usually our soccer stadium. I have never been there when the roof was closed. It is huge thing. And it was complete sold out, I just read 47.000 people! That is a medium sized small town! The atmosphere was incredible. We just felt a little old. As in “once we were the young kids down there and we thought you needed to be quite old and boring to be up on the stands instead of infront of the stage and now look at us.” But at least no seats, that would have been more than embarassing! This meant we didn’t see much what was going on on stage but huge screens did a good job and being a bit further from the stage meant we got the “big picture” for all the effects they had. And after reading how many people had been there I’m quite happy we where in an limited enclosed part with only so many (spell still hundreds, I guess) others.

So to sum it all up: it was super amazing. I would so go again. And therefore I hope that when Die Toten Hosen come back in about two years (they said they needed a break) I hope that Tine is going to a concert with me again! And with that I say: Schönen Gruss und auf Wiederseh’n (Best regards & good bye) :

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