31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 10 – Gradient

WHAT IS IT? I saw so many different types of gradient nails (e.g. just look at this intreging idea) just recently I found it very hard to decide which ones to do. But for my first ever gradient nails I was going to aim for something easy. So I went for fiery gradient nails, going from orange to fuchsia. They are actually a step two project from my orange nails as I painted this over the orange nail design. They were very hard to take a picture of. All the pictures I made where kind of blurry.Gradient-nails-orange-pink-2WHAT IS USED? Manhattans orange 33S is the based. Then I sponged on some medium red orange by essie: Chubby Cheeks. And the tips are made of p2 French Kiss. Because I couldn’t get enough colour on them with just taking a sponge and applying polish with it, I first painted a layer of the colour on my nails and then blended them together with a sponge. This mani definitively needs a top coat as the sponging makes it very uneven.orange-pink-gradient-mani-productsHOW DOES IT FEEL? Even though I really like the colour combination I think from the technical point of view they were not well made. I might need to practice on that again.Gradient-nails-orange-pink-1Check out my other nail arts for the 31 Days Nail Challenge too.

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