31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 11 – Polka Dots

WHAT IS IT? Inspired by a bag I have I chose a quite spring like colour combination for my Polka Dots.polka-dot-manicureWHAT IS USED? A muted turquoise by p2 from their Pool Side Party Limited Edition called 020 turquoise sky, a marvelous nailpolish that is opaque in one layer, and my only OPI polish named Stranger Tides a kind of khaki pastell. I used a brass fastener as my dotting tool as its head has a nice size for big dots. And not to forget one tool that I’m really getting fond of: the nailpolish correction pen. Basically a pen with a felt tip filled with nailpolish remover and great for removing excessive polish around the nails. And as a finish the always used essie Good to go top coat.polka-dot-manicure-productsHOW DOES IT FEEL? It looks great but when ever I look at it, I think: This is so not me. It is too playful, too girly. It was the first time I wore polka dots like this and I’m not sure whether my problem is the colour combination or the dots. I actually did the black and white mani later and I can now say: yes, with different colors I like this mani better.

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