Where to go in 2013

In March I posted a list of things that I wanted to see next. Looking back on 2012 I accomplished quite a bit. I didn’t do the road trip but went to Vienna and we went to Egypt, skipping Cairo but saw all the rest.

Now what are the next plans?

Well, there is a lot I want to see but I guess I won’t be able to accomplish all of it in 2013:Belize and Mexico - Pictures by Stefan Gassner, http://travel.stefan-gassner.de/

  • After reading a friend’s blog who did a huge trip through South and Central America this year, I was absolutely inspired by their stories and pictures from Belize and South Mexico. It looked all so very lovely. But this would need at least three weeks, rather more.
  • I would also love to go back and do a road trip in Australia. Doing a road trip up the East Coast would be great. Knowing I’ve been there before of course doesn’t put it on the top of my list.
  • And finding the time for it I would also love to go back to South East Asia, seeing Laos, Vietnam and after frenetic stories from Tine, Indonesia is on my to see list as well.
  • Still on my list are city trips to Budapest, Copenhague, Helsinki und Stockholm. At least one of those should be feasable next year.
  • And as a last thing on my list is that I want to see more of the region I live in, North Rhine Westphalia,  or more maybe a bit more of Germany in general.

What are your travel plans for 2013? What do you recommend? Where would you go if you were me?

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