Where to go next in 2012?

I spend last weekend with making plans for future travels and was actually coming up with ideas what to do within Europe and than I talked to Michael and we suddenly went away again from European city trips to warmer destinations…As we won’t be able to travel together again until October and therefor a week of a North or Baltic Sea based summer holiday in Germany or The Netherlands is not an option. So we came up with the following:

  • I’d love to do a  city-road trip for about 2 weeks, going by car from Düsseldorf to Prague (maybe stopping in Würzburg, Augsburg and Pilsen on the way), then on to Budapest (here stops in Brno and Bratislava would be nice) and from Budapest going to Vienna and back home (maybe stopping in Linz and Regensburg before returning to Düsseldorf). True, this would be far nicer, if we could do that in summer, but I’d go in October too.
  • But Michael wants to go and see the pyramids and actually some sun wouldn’t be too bad in October. This is why on the other hand we are thinking about a trip that could mean seeing Cairos and the pyramids, than going to Aswan seeing the temples there and taking a river cruise to Luxor or vise versa and maybe adding some days at the beach of the Red Sea as a relaxing end to the tour.
  • And than there is a weekend trip with some friends and my proposition was to go to one of the Scandinavian capitals, be it Copenhague, Stockholm or Helsinki.

What would you recommend? After the decision I only have to figure out where to get the money for all this travelling and the vacation days from…

What would you like to say?

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