Yarn along – Week 47 – and done and done and done

Just a quick update for the Yarn along over at Ginny’s because we hosted a little early Christmas dinner for some friends yesterday and everything not related to that dinner was neglected a bit. Therefor the late post.reindeer-sweaterYou know what is the great thing about a soccer game that my boyfriend is watching at home? I can go and sit on the sofa, listen to some audio book and knit while he’s in the kitchen watching tv. And when I’m on the sofa, undisturbed by tv I can knit on my colourwork. And that’s what I finally did yesterday. I finished the reindeer. I’m nearly done with the front. I just need to do the second part of the neck and shoulder shaping and the weave in all those ends… I should have take a picture from the back of the sweater, then you ‘d know what ‘m talking about. But hey, this means everything is still in time and if I weave, blog and sew quickly it will go in the mail by the end of next week and will arrive in time for his birthday on 3rd of December.New_HatThen I finished knitting the Toddler Cardigan. I’ll show you a picture of it, once it’s all sewed together and blocked which it isn’t yet. And because the sending off date for the Secret Santa Swap is tomorrow, I finished my gift. It’s pretty. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the finished good but I wouldn’t be able to share it with you yet anyway. But maybe the receipient will take a picture of it that I can share later this year. At the moment, it is in the mail. Then I did some procrastination knitting because I wanted to avoid the christmas sweater. It has grown quite cold here and my hats were all so last year… Ok, when I first laid my eyes on the Schachenmayr Lova yarn on their US site I fell in love. Then I saw that the whole MyMountain range was coming to my LYS too but not the Lova colourway I was looking for. So I bought the yarn online. That was already some months ago. And now I did a really nice hat. It was a quick and simple 3-hours-evening knit and I love it. After that some more procrastination knitting: With some of the leftover yarn from the orange cardigan I did something I wanted to do ever since I joined ravelry: knitting a honey cowl. It looks very nice and will be a christmas present for someone (still have to decide for whome).Honey-cowlAnd that was it for this week. No new reading and more details next week.

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