Yarn along – Week 37 – Knitting at supersonic speed

This week I knitted at supersonic speed (it was a rainy weekend) and as usual I am happy to share this with you and the other ladys at Ginny’s Yarn Along: The toddler cardi has grown only a bit but it knits up so fast now that I have wool it should be quickly done. I had to order more yarn after I had finished off the first skein. I can really recommend this shop if you need wool (they deliver to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, Luxemburg, France and Denmark) because they delivered super quick: I ordered on Thursday, transfered the money and I had the wool on Monday.toddler-cardi-detailAnd because I needed a new project for the weekend I started two. Sounds logic, doesn’t it. As planned last week, I used up the four skeins of Drops Merino Extra Fine to knit a “Boneyard Shawl” for Michael. And this knit up super quick. I started on Friday and after weaving in all ends yesterday it is already blocking.boneyard-shawl-for-MichaelAnd as I’m thinking about knitting “Happy Street” and wasn’t yet sure if I like short row shawls I started a free pattern called “Ode to Veera” with some wool I had in my stash. Even though this is quite thin wool it knits up quickly too and according to the pattern I would be finished already but I think it would be better to add another stripe for length and as  have altered the pattern by adding a second colour stripe it is already not exactly like the original, that should be ok. Maybe this ends up as a christmas gift. Lets see how it looks when it is blocked.ode-to-veera-shawlOther than that I’m still reading Jo Nesbo’s Cockroach and I found something new: a great series by Mary Janice Davidson: The undead series. They are based around newly dead Betsy. It is chit lit at its best infused with vampires. Absolutely hilarious. If you like vampire stuff than this is for you. It is definitively not Twilight (which I personally think is mostly romantic crap anyway), it is more Buffy (and yes, I think this is one of the best tv series ever: Cheesy 90s high school stuff, but at the same time witty and brilliantly produced. You see, I’m a bit of a fan). And the German speaker, Nana Spier, is great. Funny enough that she was Sarah Michelle’s German dubbing actor in Buffy…

What are you knitting and reading?

3 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 37 – Knitting at supersonic speed

  1. I’ve read several of the Queen Betsy books. They’re great. I also liked her two shorter series: one about a mermaid and one with the premise that the US decided not to purchase Alaska from the Russians and so it became a sovereign country.

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