Autumn is here Nails

Autumn is here which is why I skipped going to the 725 year celebration in Düsseldorf on the weekend (too much rain) and spent my time on knitting, listening to the most hilarious audiobook in a long time (more on that in my wednesday post) and painting my nails.Fall-mani-nailsDo you remember my “Inspired by an artwork” Nails during the 31 Days Nail Challenge? Well same design, different colours. I love those muted dusty reds and pinks. And what better than to combine them in a quite quick free hand mani. They are from all essie: “in stitches” is the lightest one, then “angora cardi” and the darkest on top is “skirting the issue” from last year’s fall collection.Fall-mani-productsFor more nail designs check out my 31 Days nail challenge posts.

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