Yarn along – Week 20 – New projects en masse

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again I can say I move on from last week. Not only did I finish my Broken Seed Stitch Socks in a sock knitting marathon, mostly while visiting my grandparent last weekend, but I already started sneaker socks for Michael (for some reason he wants knitted socks for the summer…) and am nearly through with the first one.

Yarn-along-20I also took a decision on what to make next. I started with the biggest project, the dress. I decided to knit the upper parts of the dress seperately and only join them under the arms. But I try to knit about the same amount on each part so that I’m down to the same length each day. And so far I really love the combination of acid green and grey.

And I finally got myself together and started knitting Eva’s new slippers. If I’m quick, I might finish them when I’m back from my weekend in Paris on monday and can mail them to her two weeks before I see her… Considering that she asked for new ones right after Easter and I just wouldn’t start, that is a bit sad. But well, at least she gets new ones.

Reading is still the same like last week and my nails are just painted with a sheer whitish nude tone so nothing much to show.

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