Yarn along – Week 22 – I’m advancing

It has been a while since I last blogged. Two weeks to be precise but I could just not get myself to do anything. I even missed last week’s Yarn along and I haven’t done so since I started joining last year, except for the time that I was away. It might be the weather. We are at the end of May. It should by late spBlanketring, early summer, warm and sunny. But the weather is more like November or maybe a bad March: it is rainy and it was freezing last week. This week has been better regarding the temperature. Or as Michael stated the other day: “The weather forecast says it’ll get better now: we will have warm rain!” This combined with a bit more work in the last weeks, means that I was just not in the mood to blog. Even though I was in Paris the weekend before last (it was raining there too…)  and sewed quite a cool blanket last weekend I don’t feel like blogging about it or about going to Hamburg on the weekend. But I decided I had to get myself together and I start this by joining Ginny’s Yarn along again.

I knitted quite a bit last weekend: I finished another pair  of knit felted slippers. This time for Eva who I’m going to visit on the weekend. the quick pair of trainer socks for Michael. I had cast on the usual amount of stitches and after the ribbing I directly knitted the heel. But Sport_socks_Bookafter the heel I realised that it was quite wide so I started decreasing stitches so that from 72 I was down to 60 long before I decreased for the toe. It worked pretty well.

Then I had a kind of knitters block on my popsicle dress. I looked at it and noticed a mistake way back in the first few rows and tried to fix it by letting the stitch drop as far down as the mistake was. It was just that the reknitting over so many rows wasn’t easy. I repeated this several times before  it even kind of worked. I found another mistake just about the same kind on the other side of the dress and decided not to fix it. Then I tried to knit back and front together on the shoulder and it did work out the way I wanted it. I stopped knitting for over a week but now I overcame it. It is now constantly growPopsicle_Dress_1ing and going to be real nice.

As for reading I finally finished the 4th Game of Thrones Book, A Feast for Crows. I don’t want to post spoilers here for those of you, who haven’t read it yet, but wow, what twists in the story especially to the end!. And even though I still read my actors in renaissance Venice book, I started an English book as well: Kate Morton, The distant house. It seems to have its charms but I’m not quite sure how much I like it yet. But the first turning point, the one that explains what’s the matter in the story, seems to be quite close, so I wait for that before I’ll judge.

And now wish me luck that I gain my blogging spirits again. If summer finally arrives it should though.

2 thoughts on “Yarn along – Week 22 – I’m advancing

  1. Happy knitting! Can’t believe you made it all the way through the 4th Game of Thrones book. I love them, but they are LONG (have only gotten through the first 2 myself).

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