Hotel review: Mercure Hotel Kaiserhof, Frankfurt, Germany, 12/2012

Our Christmas Party 2012 from work took place in Frankfurt, as most of the employees work in the Frankfurt office of our agency. This meant that the people from the Dusseldorf office got a room in a hotel next to the party location. Here is the review (sorry for the pictures but I didn’t manage to take better picture with my phone).

General information

The Mercure Hotel Kaiserhof is located in the Kaiserstraße in Frankfurt. This is the main street crossing the infamous Bahnhofviertel and is a synonym for Mercure BedroomFrankfurt’s red light district even though it is not actually part of it. Close to the main station and also to the banking district, the location is not as bad as it sounds at first. Across the street from the hotel you can find bars, restaurants, a bakery and on Tuesdays and Thursdays there is even a a market on the street. And for us the location was perfect as our party location was a mere 100m away.

Food & Drinks

As breakfast was not included in our booking I got something from the bakery on the other side of the street the next morning and can’t tell you about the quality of food or especially breakfast here. But my experience with Mercure Hotels so far was that their breakfast was usually quite good.


The staircase and the elevator were not very inviting but that sometimes is not a bad thing. But the rooms weren’t either. I saw three rooms as I also visited my colleagues rooms when we got ready for the Mercure Bathroomparty. Quite old and not very stylish the rooms had what you need to spend a night there but not much more. The newly renovated bathrooms were nice but without a heater but a strong ventilation system instead it was quite cold in there.


Employees were very nice at check-in as well as in the middle of the night when we came back from the party. Then rooms were clean too, so nothing to complain about.


The room was at that time (Thursday to Friday night in December 2012) 99€ a night, which was far too expensive for what you get from my point of view. But Mercure’s Homepage lists that you can get rooms from as little as 59€. 59€ would be absolutely appropriate but for more you should be able to get a nicer hotel in Frankfurt. So if you don’t want to go there for its location and/or get a cheap rate than I would not reccommend staying there.

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