New Years Eve: Happy 1th birthday Travelling the world and much more!

Happy blog birthdayOne year ago today I opened up this blog. I only wanted family and friends to know where we were abouts in Thailand and Cambodia when we went on our big trip a week later. But the blog evolved. I came up with the “Where I’ve been section” and did a bit more of travelling.  After a lazy summer I renamed the blog from “Travelling the world” to “Travelling the world… and much more”.  and included posts about furniture, sewing but especially knitting – joining Ginny’s Yarn along for 11 weeks so far. And I also started a ten days series on Australia, making September the month with the most visits.

Now overall in 2012 I have:

 My plans for next year are:

  • get more readers (yes I know that means I have to post more interesting stuff but that’s next on my list) and connect more with other bloggers. So if any travel blogger out there is interested in a guest post/blog swap, let me know
  • have at least two series again (any suggestions what you would like to have? Maybe “Capitals of the world” or “Cities in the Rhine region” or “Beautiful islands” or “10 Knitting tutorials” or “New Zealand”?)
  • add some more substance on the Furniture and Gardening part
  • of course I will also keep you informed on where I am (or where we are, as I tend to travel with my significant other, Michael, on long trips and with friends on short ones) and what I do
  • and other than that I just try to have fun with this blog and hope you enjoy it too

And now I can only say: Thank you for joining me in my first year as a blogger and keep on reading! Have a great New Year’s Eve and see you in 2013!

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