Tips on what to do differently

So, now that our holidays are over, would we’ve done something differently? Yes, somethings for sure:

  • We would have planned our trip a bit differently, maybe going to Chiang Mai first (as we didn’t manage to go there), than down to the south, doing our island hopping, back to Bangkok and over to Cambodia and some last days on Koh Chang. That would have saved us from the visa trouble we had on the border.

We would have packed differently:

  • The sleeping bags were useless, but on the other hand we packed them for the trip to Chiang Mai and we didn’t go there.
  • I definitely used all the clothes I brought even so the light fleece jacket and my jeans were only for the flight. But some more underwear would have been great.
  • Bringing or buying a little pillow for bus trips and a hammock for the hut would have been great.
  • We bought a knife and a cutting board in Thailand. We could have brought that including a plastic bowl and some cutlery to make some salad.
  • A Kindle or anything alike would have been great. Books are heavy and you need to swap them every now and then for new ones. On the other hand I doubt that I would have left a Kindle lying on the beach when we went swimming. A book was no problem.

There are probably some more things, that we could have done differently. But I can’t think of more at the moment. And anyway, it’s a personal choice how to manage certain things.

What would you like to say?

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