Ferry rides

On the Ferry

On the Ferry

I’ve always liked cities where ferries are part of the public transport system. I loved to take the ferry to Manly from Sydney’s city center. Taking a boat trip down the Elbe in Hamburg was a nice way to get around too. And yesterday we discovered what a convenient way of travel Bangkok’s ferries offer. We are staying about 10 minutes walking time from the next ferry stop and the trip to Chinatown, by car or tuktuk a nightmare, took 15 minutes by boat.

Today we went to “modern” Bangkok, also by boat and later by Skytrain. Probably going by bus would be an alternative buses only have signs in Thai and so it’s hard to figure out where they are going.

Our Shabu-Shabu table

Our Shabu-Shabu table

We spent hours here in shopping centers, not buying anything and decided to rather invest in food, having a last dinner that was not very Thai (even though we were definitely the only non Thais here) but very delicious anyway: Japanese Shabu-Shabu, some kind of fondue. Everyone has an own bowl to cook and eat whatever is on the buffet. It seems to be very in fashion with Thai students even though it’s tremendously (like 6€) expensive. And suddenly it was too late to take skytrain and ferry back…
So we jumped on a bus that was supposedly going our direction, paid 6,5 Baht each (so close to nothing) and it worked! We seem to get a hand on public transport in all its forms on our last day!

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