31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 18 – Half Moons

WHAT IS IT? -This is a mani and a colour combination I have used before: Half Moons in shiny silver on nude nails in sand. Simple, classy and very elegant. I would call it the perfect nail polish combination to wear with an evening gown.metallic-nude-half-moonsWHAT IS USED? When I did this the first time, I painted the half moons over the sand nails. I used french nail stickers and as my nails are fairly small that resulted in a rather straight line instead of a crecent. This time

I painted the metall part first (essie’s No place like chrome from my so loved Mirror Metallics collection), taped that with a normal office supply round sticker and then painted the nude (essie’s sand tropez).metallic-nude-half-moon-productsHOW DOES IT FEEL? I love this mani. It is so classy and yet it has that special touch to it. I did it for the weekend and it was the perfect mani for having my parents over. Different enough to get some looks yet not too much to cause my mum to say something like “What is that on your nails? It some how looks like vommit.” (yes, she sometimes does that, saying things you definitively don’t want to hear. But Mum, I love you anyway!). Unfortunately I got tip wear on two fingers straight away and had to redo them even though I was using a top coat but well, this happens…

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