Where I’ve been – Obidos, Portugal, 2011

Óbidos, PortugalSurfing is not my biggest talent but I enjoy it and so in the last two summers I spend a week in Portugal learning to surf with some friends of mine. Last year we also took a rental car, so we could do some trips on the afternoons. One of these trips brought us to Óbidos.

Óbidos has a tiny medival center, surrounded by high wall with a small castle. Walking nearly the high wall is only for the brave ones. It’s high and looks not very save. In most cases you could just step of the wall for a free fall. From the five of us, two were a bit afraid of heights (me included), so we stayed rather only on the wall but not climbing one of the watch towers or going to close to the edge of the wall. But it was impressive nontheless.

Now even though there was not much to explore in tiny Óbidos, but it is a very cute medival town and we had two interesting hours away from the beach, getting into Portuguese history.

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