7 Thai observations

I could write to you about our four islands longtail boat trip today but I rather want to share seven observations we made during our travels (in no particular order):



  1. Contrary to what we had read, people don’t bow to each other very often. Mostly only older people and tourists do.
  2. Lemonshake is the best non-alcoholic drink in a restaurant when you’ve overcome your fear of ice. In a can Sweppes Manao is great (some kind of not too sweet lemonade) but they don’t have that everywhere. Most other drinks are very sweet.
  3. No matter how hard you try and how many people we’ve asked to pronounce things for us, we don’t seem to get any Thai word right. Our “thank you” probably sounds to them like “taung jow” or so. But we still just try to be polite.
  4. Yes, they have internet here everywhere or more precise WiFi, or at least in the touristy areas where we’ve stayed so far. Most resorts, cafes or backpacker places have their own WiFi. Unfortunately most are password coded which means you sometimes need to get a drink first before you can go online. But no matter what, this gives us the extreme comfort to go online most places with our phones. And if I’m not online for a few days, it’s because I haven’t tried hard enough.

    Restaurant on Koh Tao

    Restaurant on Koh Tao

  5. It’s common or in many places absolutely necessary to take your shoes off before you enter a restaurant, terrasse, bookshop, supermarket etc. Lots of flipflopsĀ  infront of an entrance will guide your way. Michael even waved his trekking sandals goodbye and bought some flipflops because it’s easier to take them off.
  6. Up to five people fit on a scooter (mummy, daddy and three children). The highest amount of adults we’ve seen where once four giggly girls and once four equally giggly guys on scooters in Siem Reap.
  7. Muslim women here seem to prefer colourful and or glittery head scarfs, what ever they do (be it cooking, driving a tuktuk or working at a petrol station). It’s absolutely nothing wrong with bringing some glitz to your life.

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