Preparing the balcony for spring

As the weather forecast said that spring was on its way now and just opposite of IKEA is a Lots-to-do-on-my-balconygreat garden center, I just couldn’t stop myself from doing a bit of a shopping spree there. I got some primroses and hyacinths and lots of soil so in addition to the two heavy packages with the dresser I also carried 135l of soil into our appartment on saturday. Yes, I could have waited for Michael to do that on sunday but I was just too impatient and did it myself. Now this is a way to do some sports without going to the gym…

After I had missed out on the opportunity to do my balcony in the sun on saturday,All-that-wants-to-be-planted I started my work on the balcony on this cloudy sunday. The goal was not only to plant the primroses but to follow gardener’s advice for the first time and to replace all soil in my pots, clean out all flower boxes and even wash out the pots. This should stop illnesses from last year that could still be in the soil or even the pots to survive into this year and I had a bit of mildew or something similar last year and if I could avoid that this year that would be great.

And when I started with that plan I opened the big box that stands on our balcony holding What-was-in-the-boxall my garden equipment and more and realised I had to completely empty it to find anything so I got that one in order as well. I don’t know why I seem to keep every little plastic flower pot I can find because I know I have more terracotta ones in the basement too. I am a collector I guess. A collector that wants to keep everything in perfect order but a collector non the less. But lately I really get the feeling like I have to clean this place here throughoutly and get to corners that I have never really touched since I put something there Bags-full-of-wasteabout two years ago, like under the sofa, under the bed or this box on the balcony…

Well the cleaning out was a long process and produced three big bags of waste but I managed to plant all the new pants as well as replanting everything that has survived the winter into bigger pots and I sowed some early herbs like chives along with salad, radish and spinach into the flower boxes. Keep your fingers crossed for me that this will work out because then we Balcony-in-the-sunshinewould not only have nice decoration but also something eatable.

And after three hours when the sun had already set and I started to be quite cold I was finally finished. But look at this change. Now everything looks nice and neat. The balcony is prepared for spring and even some fresh colours can be seen. So please keep your fingers crossed that it will stay over 0°C now even at night so that nothing will freeze anymore.

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