Yarn along – Week 48 – Better late than never

Again I didn’t manage to post my Yarn Along post to share with all of you in Ginny’s Yarn along on Wednesday. And this is why: I wanted to show you some proper pictures (and not the same old “it’s nearly finished but not yet finally done” pictures) and this meant finishing up things and I only did that last night. Complete-toddler-cardiganI finally finished two important projects: Yesterday I sewed up the Toddler Cardigan, Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 47 – and done and done and done

Just a quick update for the Yarn along over at Ginny’s because we hosted a little early Christmas dinner for some friends yesterday and everything not related to that dinner was neglected a bit. Therefor the late post.reindeer-sweaterYou know what is the great thing about a soccer game that my boyfriend is watching at Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 46 – Nearly finished

Here I am back again to the Yarn along and this week I have something to show too. We came back from our trip last Tuesday night and as I don’t knit during holidays away (as least if I travel with Michael) I didn’t have anything to show you. Well, as I realized later on Ginny was not hosting a Yarn along anyway because she had a baby. Congratulation to you and your family, Ginny! And this crazy woman is hosting the Yarn along this week already again.Mittens-in-useWell, back to my knitting. Coming back I still had the rest of the week off and when I had sorted out our luggage and put on a few washing machines, I started knitting like crazy. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 43 – Check, Check, Triple Check

As I planned last week, I got everything finished that I wanted to finish in October to stick to my Christmas Knit Planning:

The second Phoebe Sweater is finished and only needs blocking and buttons which I will take care of once we are back from our holidays. I even knitted the first rows of number three which will be a dark pink. This means that the red cardigan is finished on time: Check!Claras-and-Antonias-sweaterNext on my list was finishing the October part of my brother’s christmas sweater: sleeve Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 42 – October knitting

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along quite late again this week but here is my short update: This week I started a new book, Salman Rushdie’s “Des Mauren letzter Seufzer” (The Moor’s Last Sigh) from which I have only read a few pages yet so I can’t say much about it and concentrated on two projects: The Phoebe’s Sweater for Clara and my socks. I finished sock one and am halfway through sock two. The picture is from yesterday morning but by now I already nearly turned the second heel. That was quite quick.book-and-socksThe cardigan is developing Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 41

Yesterday was a busy day but I thought I can do my Yarn along post a little late too. So to join all the knitting ladies out there sharing their work at Ginny’s Yarn Along, here is what I’ve been knitting and reading this week:Cardigan-no-2I continued knitting on my second Phoebe’s sweater. After a size 2 this time size 4 and Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 40 – Tchaka!

Today I have only a short update for Ginny’s Yarn Along, but a significant one: Tchaka! I’m the quickest! Well maybe not, but a quick one indeed. Within one week I knit up the a Phoebe Sweater in the smallest size. I wove in the last ends yesterday night and now I only need to block it and find matching buttons. And I already started with the second size and finish already the lower patterned part. Now a lot of stockinette stitch (181 stitches per row!) buteven though this one is a little bigger, it still knits up really fast.Freya-and-Claras-SweaterAnd on the weekend I was longing for something else to knit so I started Continue reading