Where I’ve been: Milford Sounds, New Zealand, 2007

Continuing this is now part 5 of the New Zealand Special: Milford Sounds. On our short Bus to Milford Sounds New Zealandvisit to Queenstown we had already informed ourself on how to do a trip to Milford Sounds. Actually we wanted to drive there but as there was a black ice warning for the area plus they told us that you shouldn’t drive there without having snow chains and we didn’t know if we had some nor would we have known how to place them. So we booked a trip that included pick up in Te Anau.

And what an amazing trip it was. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Queenstown and Arrowtown, New Zealand, 2007

This is part 4 of te New Zealand Special: After the two days ride and a night at a hostel in Wanaka (I can’t really remember which one but I can remember tView over New Zealandhat it had several unlinked buildings, one with a communal area, some with bedrooms and one with the bathrooms, making it freezing  to go for a morning shower with minus degrees outside) we started our way to Queenstown. We didn’t linger much in Wanaka which is supposed to be good starting point for walks and ski trips in winter because we neither had the time to do something like this and complete our trip in time nor did we have the money to do so. But it is an alpine region so even before we reached Queenstown we had great views. Continue reading