New series: Where I’ve been – Manly, Sydney, Australia, 2007

As I’m not travelling at the moment I decided to share some stories of some of my older travels with you. I don’t want to give special recommendations on places, as I’m not sure if they still exist or if they are still good (even though I still might do it every now and then). Nor will I make recommendation about what exactly to do if you could figure that out on your own when you’re there. I’ll just give some impressions on how I experienced a place.

Manly Esplanade, Sydney, AustraliaIt’s  been three an a half years since I left, so I thought I might as well start with Sydney. This city is so big, that writing one post about it would be a joke.Therfor I wanted to concentrate on one particular question and this is: Which beach is the nicest in Sydney? Now I don’t claim to have visited all of Sydney’s beaches and answering the question is very subjective. I rather picked a favourite and than returned again an again. Funny enough my one of my all time favourites was the first one I visited: Manly. Continue reading