Yarn along – Week 22 – I’m advancing

It has been a while since I last blogged. Two weeks to be precise but I could just not get myself to do anything. I even missed last week’s Yarn along and I haven’t done so since I started joining last year, except for the time that I was away. It might be the weather. We are at the end of May. It should by late spBlanketring, early summer, warm and sunny. But the weather is more like November or maybe a bad March: it is rainy and it was freezing last week. This week has been better regarding the temperature. Or as Michael stated the other day: “The weather forecast says it’ll get better now: we will have warm rain!” This combined with a bit more work in the last weeks, means that I was just not in the mood to blog. Even though I was in Paris the weekend before last (it was raining there too…)  and sewed quite a cool blanket last weekend I don’t feel like blogging about it or about going to Hamburg on the weekend. But I decided I had to get myself together and I start this by joining Ginny’s Yarn along again. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 20 – New projects en masse

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again I can say I move on from last week. Not only did I finish my Broken Seed Stitch Socks in a sock knitting marathon, mostly while visiting my grandparent last weekend, but I already started sneaker socks for Michael (for some reason he wants knitted socks for the summer…) and am nearly through with the first one.

Yarn-along-20I also took a decision on what to make next. I started with the biggest project, the dress. I decided to knit the upper parts of the dress seperately and only join them under the arms. But I try to knit about the same amount on each part so that I’m down to the same length each day. And so far I really love the combination of acid green and grey. Continue reading

Yarn along- Week 18 – Man, I was busy

My blog post have been centered on knitting and crafting for a while now. Well sure this was because I joined Knitting & Crochet Blog Week last week. And today is Yarn along Wednesday that I definitively join, but after that I try to balance it a bit again with travelling which should be feasable as I’ll be travelling a bit in May and June. But for this week I just want to show you, how busy I was and how much I got done last week and today (don’t you love lazy public holidays?).

My-knitting Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 17 – New projects

This week is Knitting & Crochet Blog Week but I decided to leave today’s topic for tomorrow and rather join Ginny’s Yarn along. So make sure you check that out what colours I like (you actually get a good glimpse on it when you look at my projects at the moment) and what my stash looks like in Thursday’s post.

As predicted last week, I ditched the angora top and went for the top I Top-part-of-my-Geminireally wanted, the Gemini. I’m using a peachy coloured cotton/acrylic mix which knits up nicely. I was not too sure about the top down approach though. I was quite sure I did everything according to the pattern but the increase part during the lace section looked a bit messy compared to the part were you only knit stockinette stitch. So I decided to start new, fixing this. Now it looks far better. You can see the changes I made on my ravelry project page. Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 16 – Socks up

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along for this week again. This week has been quite successful knitting and crochet wise. You can see how much my Sofa Blanket has grown: I finished the first third of the stripes. And one sock of my Business Casual socks is finished, the other one ready to turn the heel.All I knit Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 14 – Lots of Hexipuffs

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again this week this time with some colour work. No, I haven’t finished the cabled sweater (I decided to show no more pictures of a nearly finished grey cabled sweater. you’ll get to see it when it is finally finished) and no I haven’t started any of my spring time knits yet but I had to get up to date with my “one hexipuff a day” plan and knitted over 20 hexipuff during the Easter weekend to get the full number for HexipuffsMarch. And now that I have sorted them with the ones I already had, I can see lots and lots of colours already.

Other than that I started on Business Casual Socks. The pattern is fairly simple but it looks really nice. They will make a good in between knit. This year  I seem to be into lace and other pattern sock knitting. I already made Hermione’s Everyday Socks which I love. Now the Business Casual Socks and next on my list are the Broken Seed Stitch Socks. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 08 – Lots of finished objects

I managed to finish quite a few objects this week and wanted to show them to you in my weekly post for Ginny’s yarn along where we all share what we are knitting an reading this week:

I refer to the models from left to right as B, C and A

The pieces, that last week still lay on the couch waiting to be assemble to be sports bags, have turned out nicely. I was actually so proud of my own “design” that I had to write down the pattern for you. You can find it here. They look a bit too girly in my opinion but from what I heard Michael’s nieces (age, 5, 3 and 1,5 years old) seem to love them. I will check that this weekend because I’m going to London on friday, Michael already is there this whole week, to spend the weekend with Michael’s family.

I also finished my Strawberry Sorbet Hermione’s Everyday Socks and because I was out Continue reading