Tropical rain

Since yesterday afternoon it has been raining every now and then. This is actually quite annoying. Not that it would mean that it gets cold or because we can’t lie on the beach (a little less sun could do my skin some good for a few days).

Tropical rain

Tropical rain

What bugged me, is that on one hand we have quite a lot of slightly wet clothes that should be dry by tomorrow (because wet clothes don’t get better when you carry them around in your backpack, so to speak) and on the other hand we needed to walk down the 30 minutes to Thong Sala again to get our tickets to Krabi and of course we didn’t want to  do so in the rain. Continue reading


On the food market in Thong Sala

After a lazy day on the beach and a nice nap we resumed all our energy and walked down to Koh Phangan’s main town Thong Sala to see the “Saturday Walking Street”, a street turned into a pedestrian zone with lots of street vendors and food carts. Continue reading

No Party, just relaxing – Koh Phangan

We’ve been on Koh Phangan for two days and are now online once more. After we spent the first two nights in a really cheap place up north in Chaloklum, following the Lonely Planet advise, we decided to move. It was actually  not that nice there. Sure, there was a strip of powdery white sand, lots of quiet surrounding but it was not as beautiful as it could have been. So we rented a scooter and explored the island. Continue reading