Going for a walk in Darmstadt

As usual for a holiday I was at my parents house for Easter. And for the first time that I have this blog we went shopping on a Saturday AND the weather was not too nasty AND I had the time to go for a little walk so I finally can show you some, when not very spring like then at least not too bad pictures of my hometown.

Darmstadt-HochzeitsturmIf you would ask me if Darmstadt is a nice city without thinking I would rather say no. But actually it is. There are quite a few beautiful spots and I guess it must have been outragiously beautiful before the 11th of September¬† 1944, when an air raid caused a fire storm that destroyed three quarters of Darmstadt. What was destroyed was rebuild in the ugliest forms of post war architecture you can imagine, which, at first sight, can make Darmstadt really ugly. But of course I’m only showing you the nice parts. Continue reading

Going out in Darmstadt

Yes, I don’t live in Darmstadt since 2002 so I had to ask my younger brother were to go when I wanted to go out tonight with some friends who live elsewhere since then too. He said “Zweite Heimat”.


So now I’m waiting for the girls at the bus stop nearby, hoping I can trust my brother’s taste. But well he turns 25 this year and his taste is usually quit good so I hope it’ll be a fun night. Bus approaching… Good night.

Darmstadt – good to go home

To be honest, when I go home to see my parents, I usually don’t care much about the town. We might go to the city for some shopping but that’s usually about it. When I still lived there I even thought that Darmstadt was an ugly and boring town. The only time I go sightseeing is when I have friends from abroad/out of town over. But actually Darmstadt has a lot to offer. Continue reading