More sightseeing, a lot more walking: Istanbul Day 2+3

After a cool first day yesterday was rather dull. The weather was grey, foggy and cold. The Archeological Museum was not really exciting (once you’ve been to the British museum I guess its hard to be entirely happy with a museum of that sort).Istanbul-Archeological-MuseumThere was an interesting exhibition about Continue reading

Our first full day in Istanbul or lots of walking

To begin with my feet are not as sore as I thought but I guess my calves will tell me how many stairs and steep hills we walked today. Some how I hadn’t imagined Istanbul to be that hilly. After our first night stroll yesterday, this morning we walked up the hill from our hotel to the Blue Mosque this morning and made our way into the inner courtyard only to face an enormous queue to get in. Istanbul-Blue-Mosque-OutsideSo we decided we might as well go and see Continue reading