One more christmas mani

After my christmas ornament mani I did one with little white christmas trees on red nails. But to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied. The trees on the left hand looked ok but not great and on the right hand I stopped painting trees after the first turned out to be, well, lets not talk about it. This week Idecide to keep my mani low key. I just wanted pine green nails. But the polish seems to be rather bad because even with a topcoat I had tipwear already this morning. And because I needed concealer I was in the make area at my local drug storeGreen-christmas-nails-1meaning I had to stop and check on nail polishes as I usually do. Now I promised myself Continue reading

Christmas ornament mani

I wanted to do something christmassy on my nails this year. I had stumbled over a similar design a while back and thought it was so nice. So I checked my nailpolishes, pulled out my thin brush and started I painted my nails with two layers of essie in the colour limo-scene. Next I turned Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 23 – Inspired by a movie

WHAT IS IT? Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic as is Audrey Hepburn’s manicure. Yes, the normal pictures show her wearing gloves but she does have a French Manicure. I hardly ever do French Manicure because my nails are rather short and then this looks weird. But today my nails are an ok length so I thought I give it a try.Breakfast-at-Tiffany-s-breakfast-at-tiffanys-2295986-1024-576WHAT IS USED? I bought a French Manicure pen just recently. The pen, by Rival de Loop Young, is really good. I got it rather for other kind of nail designs for which it is actually difficult to use, but for painting nail tips it works well. As an overall polish I used the nude Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 21 – Inspired by a colour

WHAT IS IT? My inspirational colour is more of a colour range: corals going neon. I did these French nails in a light taupe with coral tips before but freehand. This time I used French nail sticker to tape them off more neatly.neon-coral-french-nailsWHAT IS USED? Misslyn’s 420, a light taupe called 5th avenue is my base colour. The polish is quite sheer so I needed three layers to get an opaque look. Next I used Continue reading