Where I’ve been: Freiburg, Germany, 2009

I went to Freiburg with my girls from home in 2009 when two of them lived there. We all met on a nice and warm late summer weekend and did a bit of sightseeing Freiburg-Historical-Merchants-Hall-2009before we ended up at chatting the day away.

Freiburg is one of those old cities in Germany (founded about 900 years ago) It is as well known for its old city center, its university but also for being quite a ecologocial town with special sustainable neighbourhoods like the Vauban. It is situated on th south western edge of Germany, very close to France and Switzerland.

And it is really beautiful there. Continue reading

Christmas markets No. 7: Freiburg

And again I am very lucky to have Ulrike voluteering to write a second christmas market report for me. She is a friend from back then in school and, you might notice that, she is currently doing her PhD in English linguistics. Check also her report on Mainz.

Freiburg Christmas market in a nutshell: Not worth mentioning!

Freiburg Christmas MarketWhile Freiburg can be a kind of other-worldly beauty around Christmas (think cobbled alleys, dollhouse-style houses, children singing at every corner, lovely decorations and snow-capped hills in the background) the Christmas market feels like a bad share-ware add-on. Choose between so crowded you are hoarse cursing before you’ve even got your first wine and so draughty your Flammkuchen is cold by the time you’ve pulled it from the counter.

And *insert tone of complete incredulity here*: The mulled wine is rotten bad! This is a sodding wine-growing area, mere minutes away from Continue reading