What to do in July in Dusseldorf

Saturday was a very unusual day for us. Normally Michael has to work on the weekends especially when it is sunny. But this Saturday he only had to work in the evening and so we did something we hardly ever do: we went shopping. I’m usually not a big fan of weekend shopping. The city center is packed with people but this Saturday it was fun. We didn’t need anything so when a shop was packed and you would have to cue to try something on we just didn’t. Dusseldorf_UerigeIn the end we ended up near the Rhine having a glass of Uerige, one of Dusseldorf’s Altbiers, a special brew of beer. The Uerige brewery is situated close to the Rhine and Continue reading

Japan Day in Düsseldorf – fireworks over the Rhine

It’s been a while, well more than 3 weeks to be honest, but I didn’t make it to put this in writing before: the Japan Day in Düsseldorf on June 2nd. I’ve lived in Düsseldorf for a bit more than four years now but I never made it to the Japan Day that has been taking place every year in late May, early June for eleven years now.

The Japan Day sees stalls been set up all around the Altstadt and the bank of the Rhine on the Altstadt side, offering many varied insights into Japanese culture. Continue reading