Army glitter nails

I bought about one nailpolish  per week in the last months… and I should definitively stop. I store them on two shelfs and don’t have space for more and even if I decide to give some away it’s still too much. That said I bought a new one on Wednesday. It is from the new Limited Edition by essence called Metal Glam and is a gold topper. Now I do have a golden glitter top coat but this one looks like gold foil in clear polish. And it was only about 2€… Army-green-glitter-nailsI had to try it out straight away and prolonged my lunch break a little by taking Continue reading

Dotted red nails or upcycling a mani

Last Friday I did my nails to last through a weekend at home and a party on Saturday night. Well, the nail polish obviously didn’t know that and I ended up with serious tip wear on Saturday afternoon. And after taking the nail polish off my nails looked nothing like going nude and I decided to grap one of my mum’s nail polishes, essie’s really red to be precise. Now I’m not a red red person but I thought well why not. It did look good but it didn’t feel like me.Red-nails-beforeAnd when some days later Continue reading

Autumn is here Nails

Autumn is here which is why I skipped going to the 725 year celebration in Düsseldorf on the weekend (too much rain) and spent my time on knitting, listening to the most hilarious audiobook in a long time (more on that in my wednesday post) and painting my nails.Fall-mani-nailsDo you remember my “Inspired by an artwork” Nails during the 31 Days Nail Challenge? Well same design, different colours. I love those Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 30 – Inspired by a tutorial

WHAT IS IT? Home made nail stickers. I saw them at Spektor’s Nails weeks ago and always wanted to try out if this works and it does: You paint them on some foil, let them dry and then you can cut them and fixate them on your nails with a little nailpolish. Later I found this very nice tutorial which gives a good idea how to make decals that are already better fitted.inspired-by-a-tutorial-maniWHAT IS USED? My base colour was essie’s turquoise & caicos and I accentuated them with Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 25 – Inspired by fashion

WHAT IS IT? I had everything planned. I wanted to do dark dusty rose and dark leather as autumn colours. I had looked up different designers and their fashion shows for autumn 2013 in London and New York. like Felder Felder, Paul Smith, Ralph Lauren or Victoria Beckham. But then I placed an order and got two A England nail polishes that I’ll show you another day, a models own glitter topcoat and most exciting, neon nail art glitter and I can’t help and need to do something with neon for the fashion part.inspired-by-fashion-neon-glitter-mani-leftWHAT IS USED? I had a t-shirt in mind, I saw in a shop the other day: in a neutral beige with lots of little neon dots. So I used Continue reading

31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 24 – Inspired by a book

WHAT IS IT? My inspiration for this nail art were the grey gentlemen from Michael Ende’s Momo, a quite disturbing children’s book. That left quite an imprint on me as a child. The book is very well known in Germany even though most people will only know that Momo is a girl and there are grey gentlemen, trying to catch her and that it has something to do with time. I tried to use different greys to create a suttle effect with different textures.inspired-by-a-book-mani-momoWHAT IS USED? I now remember why I hardly ever use Catrice, 900 Steel my Heart, a semi matte metallic nailpolish in dark taupe. It has a great texture but it Continue reading