You must be kidding me – Snow again

It was nice and sunny. I prepared my balcony for spring. I planted primroses, rode my bike with out gloves and hat, even had lunch on a terasse last week and now this:

Snow-in-Duesseldorf-2That is just not fair. That is just not right for Mid-March. I really enjoyed the first snow in December. I was still ok with it in January and I thought, well, it is not unnormal for it to snow in February. But in Mid-March I’ve really lost my patiences for snow. Continue reading

Review: Takumi Kitchen, Düsseldorf. Germany

This is a review for the Japanse restaurant Takumi Kitchen in Immermannstr. 28 in Düsseldorf and they are open everyday roughly between 11am and 10pm.Takumi Kitchen from outsideWhen I want a break from my usual day and just have an hour and not a weekend or more, I love to go to a foreign restaurant. The more it feels like being far away from home the better. One of these amazing places in this way here in Düsseldorf is Takumi Kitchen. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 06 – It’s Carnival

Joining Ginny’s Yarn along again but with a dress. The reason why this week is less about knitting and more about sewing is easy: tomorrow starts the party part of Carnival in Düsseldorf and I gave myself a 30th birthday present: being a princess for Carnival for the very first time in my life.

Me in my costume Continue reading

Christmas markets: No. 1: Düsseldorf 2012

It is time to start a new series. Over the next few weeks up till christmas, I will try to go and see some christmas markets in die Rhine region and I will present them to you here in the blog.

Christmas market, Engelchenmarkt, DüsseldorfAnd as this is where I live, I will present to you the christmas market in Dusseldorf first. Well. actually Dusseldorf doesn’t only have one christmas market but many. Except from the fact that many suburbs and quarters have their own small christmas market, in Dusseldorfs city center you also find a christmas market on every square where you can sip delicious mulled wine. Continue reading

Cycling in Düsseldorf

Summer is here, at least for some days. This is actually a very sad statement when it’s already end of June / early July. But this year we decided that no rain or temperatures over 20°C are absolutely great weather so far, so we are making the best of it.

Last weekend was like this: all sunshine and high temperature. And as Tine was over from Brussels we decided to do a little bike tour. I had just bought a new bike that week, already preparing for our bike tour in the Netherlands in late August, so we had two bikes and actually we wanted to go to Kaiserswerth, a cute little northern suburb of Düsseldorf. But as the weather was so good we decided we’d go to the beach instead. Continue reading

Japan Day in Düsseldorf – fireworks over the Rhine

It’s been a while, well more than 3 weeks to be honest, but I didn’t make it to put this in writing before: the Japan Day in Düsseldorf on June 2nd. I’ve lived in Düsseldorf for a bit more than four years now but I never made it to the Japan Day that has been taking place every year in late May, early June for eleven years now.

The Japan Day sees stalls been set up all around the Altstadt and the bank of the Rhine on the Altstadt side, offering many varied insights into Japanese culture. Continue reading