Yarn Along – Week 10 – Another one done

I had to miss out on joining Ginny’s Yarn Along last week because I was just so busy at work that it affected my few free hours quite a lot. I was in the office until 10 p.m. every Comfy-cardigannight last week. Now this week it is back to normal and I’m happy to join again this week.

First of all: I’m done! I finally finished my comfy cardigan just yesterday night! Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 02 – little crotched owls, hexipuffs and other stuff

Joining this week’s Yarn Along over at Ginny’s with a finished and a new project and one in progress. The big Cardigancardigan has come along quit well compared to last week when I had just ripped what I had already knitted. I use English rip as pattern which makes it extra think and fluffy but also uses lots of yarn. Good that I have 24 skeins of wool. My reading hasn’t been coming along much further. But well, it is suppossed to be cold again so I guess I will have a bit of time to finish my cardigan and read some more. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 01 – Figuring out what to do and a oven glove

Joining the first Yarn along of the year at Ginny’s without much because I already showed you all finished christmas projects last week.

Knitting and ReadingOk, I started on the dress and I had a  nice pattern and I had already knitted 3 skeins of wool and yet I was not too happy. So I decided to do something completely else and now I figured out it will be a long cardigan in brioche stich and I think I’m far more happy with that. I just have to start again.

Other than that I thought I might use some of my stash and actually crocheted. Continue reading