Merry christmas everybody

Today is wednesday, the usual Yarn Along Day. But it is also Christmas so I guess, not much update on knitting. Everything was finished in time for Christmas, fits and was greatly appreciated and I’m enjoying a little knitting free time before I can finally start something for myself again. A little reading update: I finally finished Pride & Prejudice on my iPad mainly because I spend 4 hours on Monday the 23rd sitting in a plane on the runway of London City Airport waiting for the storm to cease.

imageWe made it to Frankfurt thanks to the most wonderful captain of the flight BA 8734 who Continue reading

Last weekend before christmas

As Michael’s family lives in London he spends Christmas there and as Christmas is so conveniently located in the week I took a plane on Friday. Michael and his mother had taken one flight earlier but when I booked I wasn’t sure if I could take half the day off and went in the evening.

imageSince then we’ve been having loads of family time. Michael’s nieces have kept us busy during the day and in the evening we have been feasting on lovely stuff. Continue reading

One more christmas mani

After my christmas ornament mani I did one with little white christmas trees on red nails. But to be honest, I wasn’t satisfied. The trees on the left hand looked ok but not great and on the right hand I stopped painting trees after the first turned out to be, well, lets not talk about it. This week Idecide to keep my mani low key. I just wanted pine green nails. But the polish seems to be rather bad because even with a topcoat I had tipwear already this morning. And because I needed concealer I was in the make area at my local drug storeGreen-christmas-nails-1meaning I had to stop and check on nail polishes as I usually do. Now I promised myself Continue reading

Christmas ornament mani

I wanted to do something christmassy on my nails this year. I had stumbled over a similar design a while back and thought it was so nice. So I checked my nailpolishes, pulled out my thin brush and started I painted my nails with two layers of essie in the colour limo-scene. Next I turned Continue reading

Time to prepare for christmas

Over the last weeks the season’s feeling has slowly come into our appartment. As I spend last year mainly with a cold knitting on the sofa and not doing much, this year I decided I would do more and I already started.Christmas_cookiesFirst I made a list of all the christmas cookies I wanted to make. Christmas cookies is the baking activity for German christmas time. I would never bake cookies otherwise but Continue reading