Where I’ve been Hamner Springs, New Zealand, 2007

This is the last part of the New Zealand Special: Our last trip from Christchurch was a bit more exciting or rather relaxing than the train ride with the Tranzalpin: we went to Hamner Hamner Spring New ZealandSprings, an alpine town with thermally heated spring water which has a highly famous Pool & Spa. At 140km from Christchurch it makes a good day trip. We booked a tour including transport and the entrance to the pools. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Tranzalpin train ride, New Zealand, 2007

This is the seventh part of the New Zealand Special and it is about a train Look from the Tranzalpin New Zealandride. On our third day in Christchurch we wanted to do a trip and the ride with the Tranzalpin crossing from Christchurch on the East coast to Greymouth on the West coast was suppossed to be super nice. We booked a trip that went to Greymouth and directly back again just for watching the scenery. Continue reading

Where I’ve been: Christchurch, New Zealand, 2007

This is this sixth Post for the New Zealand Special and it is about Christchurch. Please Christchurch Cathedral New Zealandnote that I visited Christchurch before the earthquakes of 2010 and 2011 hit the town. What you’ll see here therefore are undestroyed buildings. In this post I will try to figure out what happend to the places during the earthquake and what is there to visit now. For up to date information check Christchurch’s homepage.

But first of all another remark: We arrived in Christchurch after a day-long drive from Te Anau on the 20th July 2007 stopping along the road to have a look on some buildings in Dunedin but lingering there not for long. This doesn’t sound like a very special date but actually it was. We had to drop off the car the next morning at the airport and there it hit us:

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