31 Days Nail Challenge – Day 3 – Yellow

WHAT IS IT? As I said, I don’t own yellow nail polish. The closest to yellow I have is gold. And you know you can do much with gold. So I made glittery ombre nails and now they looked like dipped in gold (really hard to take a picture of though).Gold-dipped-maniWHAT IS USED? I used Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 25 – It’s summer

It’s been hot and sunny, actually proper summer weather, here for 3 days now (wooho!) but it is suppossed to cool down again over the weekend (not so woohoo) so I just quickly join Ginny’s Yarn Along with my weekly knitting and reading updates: I finished my knit and crochet top. Here is what I looked like wearing it after a long and sweaty day at the office. A bit of a weird pose? Well try taking nice pictures with a mobile phone at the office at five to six on a hot summer day…

Knit-crochet-top Continue reading

Are you a bit nailpoilsh crazy?

Sometimes people ask me how many nailpolishes I have. Considering the fact that I buy a new colour at least once a month this is a good question. The thing is that I also give nailpolishes away as a present or swap them for other colours on Kleiderkreisel. But to answer the question as of now, here are my current nailpolishes that I keep on the wall behind my desk:a healthy 50 odd nailpolishes…My nail polishes Continue reading