Yarn along – Week 41

Yesterday was a busy day but I thought I can do my Yarn along post a little late too. So to join all the knitting ladies out there sharing their work at Ginny’s Yarn Along, here is what I’ve been knitting and reading this week:Cardigan-no-2I continued knitting on my second Phoebe’s sweater. After a size 2 this time size 4 and Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 40 – Tchaka!

Today I have only a short update for Ginny’s Yarn Along, but a significant one: Tchaka! I’m the quickest! Well maybe not, but a quick one indeed. Within one week I knit up the a Phoebe Sweater in the smallest size. I wove in the last ends yesterday night and now I only need to block it and find matching buttons. And I already started with the second size and finish already the lower patterned part. Now a lot of stockinette stitch (181 stitches per row!) buteven though this one is a little bigger, it still knits up really fast.Freya-and-Claras-SweaterAnd on the weekend I was longing for something else to knit so I started Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 39 – am I crazy?

I can’t agree more with Ginny who in her last Yarn Along post wrote:

I think that I must be experiencing a strange knitting phenomenon.  Larkspur’s Phoebe’s Sweater is knitting up very quickly for me and I have passed the halfway mark.  However, I know good and well that if I were knitting with fingering weight yarn, that I wouldn’t have been able to knit the same amount of yardage in the same amount of time.  Does that make sense?  There’s something about knitting at 3.5 stitches/inch I guess–this particular sweater progresses so quickly and that motivates me to knit more often.

Absolutely the same happens to me. I waited most of last week for the wool for the my Phoebe’s Sweaters (yes, I’ll do three of them, one in orange for a 2-year-old, one in red for a 4-year-old and one in fuchsia for a 6-year-old…) to arrive and then I was away for the weekend. So it was Sunday evening when I finally opened this big box of softness and colour (literally dozens of skeins of Drops Big Merino, plus a few in Merino Extra Fine, all in all more than 50 skeins… )a-box-full-of-lovelinessAnd I started knitting straight away. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 38 – New decisions

Last week I saw on Ginny’s post that she was knitting a Phoebe Sweater, an item that I had laid my eyes on for some time now. So I showed the ravelry page to my boyfriend and he was instantly convinced when I told him that those coats would make perfect christmas presents for his nieces (if he paid for the wool). And after testing for gauge with two different yarns, I decided for the Drops Big Merino that was in my testing order. It means I have to do a little bit more stitches (about 1.29 times more, I have calculated) but they have great colours and the yarn is on sale at the moment here. So what did I do? I ordered kilos of yarn and I started knitting with the one skein I already had. It knits up really fast.Phoebe-Sweater_No1I have finished the Ode to Veera and it looks Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 37 – Knitting at supersonic speed

This week I knitted at supersonic speed (it was a rainy weekend) and as usual I am happy to share this with you and the other ladys at Ginny’s Yarn Along: The toddler cardi has grown only a bit but it knits up so fast now that I have wool it should be quickly done. I had to order more yarn after I had finished off the first skein. I can really recommend this shop if you need wool (they deliver to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherland, Luxemburg, France and Denmark) because they delivered super quick: I ordered on Thursday, transfered the money and I had the wool on Monday.toddler-cardi-detailAnd because I needed a new project for the weekend I started two. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 36 – Finished!

Guess what: I finally finished my big crochet blanket, the biggest and heaviest thing I’ve ever made in my crochet career! I really wanted to open this blog post with this sentence. I have worked since March on this blanket and finally I’m done! I did four double rows of stars all around the blanket and another one of single crochet to finish it and I think it is absolutely great. It is over 1m wide and about 1.70m long which means it is quite heavy. Now it only needs blocking because the edge is a bit ripply.big-blanket Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 35 – I’m back again

Last week we were on holidays so I didn’t participate in the Yarn along but this week I’m back and happy join Ginny and the knitting crowd again. So what happend in the last weeks? First of all no holiday knitting. When I go on holidays with Michael I don’t take my knitting with me. First of all I find it a bit weird (and warm) to knit on a summer holiday and then I think Michael deserves a break from seeing me knitting too… And it gets me back in the spirit of knitting. So I was very productive once  was back home.Back-christmas-sweaterI finished the back of the Christmas sweater for my brother and blocked it already to check that it has the correct size. I had written down the measurements of one of his sweaters to have something to compare my project with as I probably won’t see him until I’ll mail him Continue reading