Haus der Geschichte – Bonn

As I had the days between Christmas and New Year’s off, I wanted to do something. Actually I wanted to see an exhibition in Bonn about some rare pictures of the world before 1914 in colour. But when I researched the whole thing I stumbled about the Haus der Geschichte in Bonn. It is a museum dedictated to show the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, so everything that happend here since World War II and is packed with all kinds of exhibits from the last 70 years from an postwar holy communion dress purely made of gauze bandages because the seamstress had nothing else to work with, to an Russian tank. I’m an enthusiast when it comes to history so I was more than happy to swap the expensive photo exhibition for the free Haus der Geschichte when Michael suggested going there instead. Haus-der-Geschichte-Bonn-special-exhibitionBut first we visited the special exhibition showcasing the special history Germany hawith the US. It showed how the American Occupation after the war was viewed by Continue reading