Yarn Along – Week 17 – New projects

This week is Knitting & Crochet Blog Week but I decided to leave today’s topic for tomorrow and rather join Ginny’s Yarn along. So make sure you check that out what colours I like (you actually get a good glimpse on it when you look at my projects at the moment) and what my stash looks like in Thursday’s post.

As predicted last week, I ditched the angora top and went for the top I Top-part-of-my-Geminireally wanted, the Gemini. I’m using a peachy coloured cotton/acrylic mix which knits up nicely. I was not too sure about the top down approach though. I was quite sure I did everything according to the pattern but the increase part during the lace section looked a bit messy compared to the part were you only knit stockinette stitch. So I decided to start new, fixing this. Now it looks far better. You can see the changes I made on my ravelry project page. Continue reading

Yarn Along – Week 16 – Socks up

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along for this week again. This week has been quite successful knitting and crochet wise. You can see how much my Sofa Blanket has grown: I finished the first third of the stripes. And one sock of my Business Casual socks is finished, the other one ready to turn the heel.All I knit Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 15 – The cardigan is finished (again)

Yes, I did it (again). The cabled cardigan that had been finished for christmas and had not fit at all is now finished again. And now it does fit! I seamed it Detail-cardiganyesterday so I haven’t got a proper wearing picture yet which is why you only get to see a detail.

Than after not really managing with my first try on a lace shawl (I kept making mistakes, maybe I would have needed more stitch markers) I decided to go for something easier first and started a Lonely Treen Shawl. I used some really old wool from my mum’s stash. It worked beautifully! And what a quick knit! But I guess a bit more of my yarn would have been great. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 13 – a bit of a shopping spree

Today’s Yarn along post (of course as usual linking up with Ginny at Small Things) is a bit frustrating. I thought I could show you a finished cabled sweater, probably even blocked and sewed, modelled by Michael. Well, that is not the case. Ok, to be honest, I didn’t knit as much as I thought I would on the weekend. And Cabled sweatermaybe if I had stopped and thought twice when I last fitted the sweater on Michael I could be further too, but well, after a second fitting yesterday I realized I was decreasing far too much to gain enough height on the shoulder and had to rip back 26 rows. That doesn’t sound much, but on a sweater this size, 26 rows over the whole cardigan is about a weeks work and it really hurts. The sweater seems to grow into a neverending story and this when I am so keen on finally starting something new, something springlike, summery (even though the weather is not at all like this yet. It is sunny but bloody freezing!) Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 12 – did I say I didn’t like crocheting?

For this weeks Yarn along over at Ginny’s Small things I can show you two finished objects: The crocheted baby Baby-Blanket-and-Baby-Shoesblanket and some super cute baby shoes. Funny enough I found a pattern for exactly the baby blanket that I knitted on Ravelry. I hope little Vitus’ mum and dad will like it. Vitus himself will probably not mind at all as he’s only a week old. I just need to put labels on it. Did I tell you? I got myself my own labels. I had a voucher so I thought I might as well spend it on buying labels. They arrived on friday but I haven’t put one get. I will take a picture of the first items with labels for next weeks yarn along. Continue reading

Yarn along – Week 11 – Good progress

Yarn along week 11Joining Ginny’s Yarn along with a short update: Nothing new concerning the reading but knitting wise I got further along. As I finished my cardigan last week I could restart on Michael’s christmas cardigan that didn’t fit at all. As I could keep the arms I’m quite far again. The back of the cardigan is already up to the raglan arm part and I have half of the first front part. I also finished most of the baby blanket on the weekend. It only needs two more rows all around. The recipient was born last Friday but I won’t see him until Easter so I might even make some more stuff just because I can.