Bike Trip Part 1: The Hague to Zandvoort

I know, It’s been ages since I last posted something and I still want to blog about my trip to Kassel and the Documenta last month, a trip to Kaiserswerth with my parents some weeks ago and the review about the Lonely planet magazine that I got a subscription for isn’t finished yet either. But now I’m on a bike trip from Den Hague to Amsterdam so I decided to be up to date first and blog about things a little past later. Continue reading

Cycling in Düsseldorf

Summer is here, at least for some days. This is actually a very sad statement when it’s already end of June / early July. But this year we decided that no rain or temperatures over 20°C are absolutely great weather so far, so we are making the best of it.

Last weekend was like this: all sunshine and high temperature. And as Tine was over from Brussels we decided to do a little bike tour. I had just bought a new bike that week, already preparing for our bike tour in the Netherlands in late August, so we had two bikes and actually we wanted to go to Kaiserswerth, a cute little northern suburb of Düsseldorf. But as the weather was so good we decided we’d go to the beach instead. Continue reading

New series: Where I’ve been – Manly, Sydney, Australia, 2007

As I’m not travelling at the moment I decided to share some stories of some of my older travels with you. I don’t want to give special recommendations on places, as I’m not sure if they still exist or if they are still good (even though I still might do it every now and then). Nor will I make recommendation about what exactly to do if you could figure that out on your own when you’re there. I’ll just give some impressions on how I experienced a place.

Manly Esplanade, Sydney, AustraliaIt’s  been three an a half years since I left, so I thought I might as well start with Sydney. This city is so big, that writing one post about it would be a joke.Therfor I wanted to concentrate on one particular question and this is: Which beach is the nicest in Sydney? Now I don’t claim to have visited all of Sydney’s beaches and answering the question is very subjective. I rather picked a favourite and than returned again an again. Funny enough my one of my all time favourites was the first one I visited: Manly. Continue reading

A Bug story

I admit, I don’t like animals that much. Pets that for others are so nice, so sweet, so good companions, for me are, well, just pets. I categorize animals into no leg, two legs, four legs and more legs.

  • When it comes to no legs (from snakes to fish) I don’t mind. Of course a big snake in my bedroom would get me screaming, but well, they are most often dangerous aren’t they.
  • The two leg category (birds mostly) I don’t care and mind and four legs are ok too. You might even hear me say that a particular cat or dog is cute. But than I’m allergic to animal hair so no much love here either. I actually find the little geckos that are all around here quite fascinating but well again also only outside of our bedroom.
  • And than there are the more legs ones. I hate them. Mosquitoes are just annoying as are flies or bees. But spiders and bugs literally bug me. They are just disgusting.

Having said this, why do I mention it in my blog?

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No Party, just relaxing – Koh Phangan

We’ve been on Koh Phangan for two days and are now online once more. After we spent the first two nights in a really cheap place up north in Chaloklum, following the Lonely Planet advise, we decided to move. It was actually  not that nice there. Sure, there was a strip of powdery white sand, lots of quiet surrounding but it was not as beautiful as it could have been. So we rented a scooter and explored the island. Continue reading

My outdoor office

Sitting on the terrasse on Cafe Plaeyuan doing my social networking and getting up to date. This is how work could be like everyday… 
My outdoor office

My outdoor office

There are numerous places with WiFi, free or with password, literally everywhere, where there is a cafe or a resort. But for really doing some work here, I’d like to have a laptop. But as it is, I’m just fine with typping everything into my phone and uploading it from there.  It’s just so handy (the Germans will get that pun…).

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